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Where Is Baby K?

[The first of its series, Where is Baby K?, is a charmingly-illustrated book that will shine light on the first year of her life. Parents and children will transport themselves into the global travels of Baby K. Based on real adventures and photos from trips, little ones will explore famous places and landmarks reaching from the Far East to the Far West.]

Where Is Baby K? Afrika

Where Is Baby K? Afrika is book two of the captivating children’s book series exposing families to delightful possibilities of traveling. Where Is Baby K? – Afrika enhances reader’s familiarity of the blessed continent. This is a beautiful story which highlights meaningful teaching moments for cultural awareness.This book will explore three nations in the Afrikan continent and display fascinating details about each site.

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About Me

K. S. Daniels is the author of the children’s book, Where Is Baby K? She is a multifaceted international educator who has taught children of all ages both in the USA and in China. She has a profound passion for traveling and for teaching the Spanish language. She is a graduate of Temple University and currently resides in the USA.

The inspiration behind this book is her darling daughter who has traveled considerably during the first year of her life thanks to her upbringing in an expat lifestyle. Upon seeing the significance of having a culturally rich and globally interconnected life, K. S. Daniels decided to promote the importance of early exposure to cultural, ethnic, linguistic values and more. This will certainly foster strong global citizens for the 21st century and beyond.

Where Is Baby K?” Book

Stay tuned for where Baby K will travel to in the near future.

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